Adrilia – Healing is My Purpose

I have a passion for helping people heal in body, mind and spirit. It is only when we begin to heal that we can truly be present and do our authentic work. When we are healed, we can truly be of service to ourselves, others, and our world. As we release illness, our body, mind and spirit come into balance and we begin to perceive more clearly. We can then begin to truly explore joy, service and our very own, very personal and very universal … life of fulfillment.

I am a Plant Spirit Medicine spiritual healer in Saint Augustine, near Jacksonville, Florida. I began my study of Plant Spirit Medicine in 2005 and have been practicing this powerful form of healing since 2008. Through my work with my teacher, Eliot Cowan, I cultivate my relationships with the plant spirits and continue to deepen my understanding of this ancestral, sacred way of healing. In order to be able to practice Plant Spirit Medicine healing, I have undergone a rigorous course of training and initiation and have been inducted as a Lay Spiritual Healer in the Temple of Sacred Fire healing.

My deep wish to help people become fully well and help them unfold their highest spiritual potential.

When I first meet with Adrilia, her presence alone makes me feel comforted and at peace. During the actual PSM treatment I relax so deeply that by the time the treatment is over with, I feel deep relief and completely at peace. Adrilia helped guide me through my father’s recent death to see the big picture of things. She saw him only one time during his illness and I swear from that day until his death he lived more in his true self than I had seen since I was a little girl. It opened up our relationship and I was able to completely be there for him through his illness and his eventual passing. Adrilia continues to help me heal my old wounds as well as daily stresses so that I can continue to be the strong, powerful and beautiful mother, wife, sister, aunt and friend to all the people I love. She is completely irreplaceable to me and I am eternally grateful to her.

I began working with Adrilia in 2011 on a number of issues which have plagued me for much of my adult life.  As we peeled away the layers of years of history over a number of sessions, I felt myself being freed gradually and gently of these old areas which kept me from living fully.  I see myself as a different person now than when I began treatment.   I continue to use PSM with Adrilia  She intuitive, sensitive, and a gifted healer with a great sense of humor.